Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome Everyone!

Hi all..
This is the 1st post of my blog called
KITCHEN DRIVER. This blog is dedicated especially to all bloggers who loves cooking both expertise and recipes sharing. Honestly, I would like to dedicate this to both my mama and mak (mother in-law). These are home made recipes, so don't expect that all the recipes given are 100% tasty. All the recipes in here is the "AIR TANGAN IBU"

Our taste might be different. So I welcome you to share ideas, opinion, recipes and brilliant comments on this blog. I love cooking since I'm married to someone whose the mother is SUPERB in cooking. Like it or not, I managed to take cooking lesson from both sides (as I love both)..

Let's try today!
Let's cook!
Let's taste your 1st dish!
Let's share recipes!


Lover said...

Hi Baya! Selamat berkongsi resepi...! :)

Anonymous said...


keep on posting ya. sharing is caring. take care !

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